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S.M.A.R.T. Training
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Yankton, SD 57078

More than thirty years of Tom's career began with agri-business and has since evolved to encompass a variety of other industries as noted in the testimonials. His industry experiences are comprised of a degree in Animal Science, his own farm/ranch operation, livestock supplement sales and now consulting and training with banking, manufacturing and telecom companies as well as agricultural companies.

Toms' experience in the corporate world includes sales, management, and training of sales people, dealers, and managers in value-added selling and effective leadership skills.

An innovator in his training methods, Tom's facilitory style, combined with his experiences as a trainer in multiple industries, helps participants in his programs quickly realize the value he brings to any training session.
Tom is a "DiSC Distributor/trainer" and a "Certified facilitator of Integrity Solution products."

If you are committed to achieving success by making positive changes in employee productivity, satisfaction and loyalty, call Tom at 1-800-867-9858 or email him at

"One of the unique things about working with Tom is his experience. He has been on the front lines of sales and sales management himself and therefore understands how difficult those roles can be. This brings credibility that can only be earned. Salesmen know the difference between someone who has driven a mile in their pickup and someone who has only read a book. "
- Jim Heckman, Agriclear

"Tom Hausman brings powerful insights and awareness to the role of emotional intelligence in selling relationships. What's more, he is able to help people discover the importance of EQ in all relationships. He is efficient with time and training, and he is a master at keeping individuals engaged in group settings. I would highly recommend Tom Hausman to any person or business looking to build or sharpen their relationship skills!"
- Brian Knochenmus, President, Ralco

"Tom Hausmann is the first trainer that I have worked with that has been in the business and brings a practical application to the training process. He has been where our people have been and understands their problems and needs. Tom is able to get his point across in a truly professional way. I find Tom easy to work with and he is able to provide timely training options for each of our needs."
- Alan Pickens, Retired Director of Sales Administration, Agri-King, Inc.

"Tom is a pleasure to work with, and takes the time required to understand our business and what we want to accomplish. Our people look forward to being challenged and having a great discussion each time we have Tom in for a session. Tom has helped our team grow and develop beyond what we could accomplish on our own."
- Dave Uttecht, Heartland Pork LLC

"It has been a pleasure to team up with Tom Hausmann and SMART Training in both USA and Canada. Over the past 5 years we have worked with Tom to graduate 58 sales consulting professionals in "Integrity Selling" - AIDINC program and 64 representatives in our more basic "Smart Selling" program. Having Tom facilitate with both our senior and less experienced team members has been tremendous in building our team culture around common principles. We deeply respect Tom's skills in bringing out the best in each participant."
- Dave Bates, Shur-Gain - Dairy Sales Manager

"I was introduced to S.M.A.R.T. Training and Tom Hausmann at a Work of Leaders class he taught several years ago. A discussion with Tom after the class led him to creating a customized training program for my company focusing on topics such as goal clarity, emotional intelligence, and social skills to name a few. Since early 2014 Tom has been providing this kind of training on a monthly basis. What I most appreciate about Tom is his focus on the customer and making sure the training he delivers matches our expectations."
- Jeff Clark - Director, Manufacturing Engineering - Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc

"Tom is especially sensitive to ensuring that his clients receive a solid return on their training investment. SMART Training devotes significant effort to measure the changes in personnel behavior that lead to improved performance."
- Jim Benz, Marketing Consultant

"By helping me to identify my own business style accurately, the Work of Leaders profile I received from SMART training gave me the ability to better communicate and effectively increase the performance of my whole team. This was not a training session with some good ideas that you lay on the shelf and say "someday I'll do that". This was a wake-up call to for my weaknesses and a pat on the back for my strengths with solid plan for improvement to follow it up. I would recommend the session to anyone interested in personal improvement."
- Fay Jandreau, Assistant General Manager, Midstate Communications